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Swing moorings

Swing moorings

Updated 3 July 2019 11:55am

Swing moorings should be viewed as a last resort for boat berthage. Although much cheaper, in the frequent strong prevailing winds of this region they offer the least protection to the boat and there is the additional difficulty of getting to and from them. Every year some boats break their moorings and get washed up on the shore, often suffering severe damage.

GW Harbours administers the swing mooring areas to ensure that the space is used most effectively and boats are suitably positioned within the areas.

Finding a swing mooring

If you wish to purchase an existing mooring, view the classified listings in the boating section of the Dominion Post or the Trade and Exchange. You may also find moorings advertised on the local boating clubs noticeboards.  If you intend to transfer ownership of an existing mooring you will need to complete a Transfer of Consent form, that is signed by both the old and new owners.  There is no charge for this.

If you wish to place a new mooring, you will need to go through the resource consent process. To apply for a consent for a mooring contact GW Harbours on 04 830 4160 during office hours. Our recommendations for mooring construction can be found here or by contacting us.  You either need to lay this equipment yourself or contract someone to do it for you. To apply for a consent complete forms 1 and 7C from this page and the fees can be found here.

Swing mooring inspections

The swing mooring’s resource consent requires that the swing mooring equipment (mooring chain, buoy and joining shackles etc) is to be maintained in a safe and efficient condition and be inspected at least ever two years. Most swing moorings that fail have not been maintained adequately.

Since 1 July 2006, mooring inspections need to be carried out by a Council approved mooring inspector:

Council approved mooring inspector list

Marine Consultants Ltd, and Divework (NZ) Ltd
P O Box 29006
Ph: 0274 533 705
Ph/fax: 04 973 5163
Email: Kel Nairn

Underwater Solutions Ltd
Matt Fabish
Ph: 021 558 991
P O Box 30 624
Lower Hutt 5011

Wilson Underwater Services Ltd
Murray Wilson
55 Everest Street
Ph: 021 440 420

Marine Services NZ Ltd
Specialists in screw anchor moorings
Approved to install "N Viro" Morring systems (Marine flex)
Jetties and contruction Diving
12 Kent St
Picton 7220
Ph: 03 573 8045

New Zealand Diving and Salvage Limited
04 568 2505
0508 348377

Undersea Construction Ltd
P O Box 31081
Lower Hutt
Ph: 0274 438 621
Ah: 04 565 3866

Aqua Labour Ltd
Ritchie Haagh
P O Box 54102
Porirua 5247
Ph: 04 233 6370
Ph: 021 348 372


To assist with this we have created an inspection sheet for moorings. This will ensure all our contact details are up to date as well as a record that all parts of the mooring have been inspected.

Sub-leasing your swing mooring

Swing moorings may only be sub-leased subject to Greater Wellington Regional Council approval. Please contact GW Harbours first to confirm that the new boat intended to go on the swing mooring is not too big for the site or the existing swing mooring equipment.

If you have a boat on your swing mooring that is not the vessel shown on your swing mooring account, please advise the new details so that we can update our records.

Also, your mooring needs to clearly show the allocated mooring buoy, which is numbered.

Change of address

If your contact details change, please contact GW Harbours on 04 830 4160 during office hours or email us.

Sometimes we need to contact swing mooring owners urgently, particularly when a boat  breaks free and has gone ashore. Valuable time and money (often yours) can be lost if we do not have your correct contact details.

No longer need your mooring?

If you no longer want your mooring there are two options.  Find someone who would like the mooring either by advertising or contact us as we may have someone interested or surrender the mooring.  To surrender the mooring you need to remove the mooring from the water and complete this form.