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Rule 3 Fumigation

Rule 3 Fumigation

Updated 3 July 2015 12:58pm

The discharge of contaminants into air in connection with any process involving:

(1) the use of fumigants;

is a Permitted Activity, provided it complies with the conditions below.


The person(s) responsible for the activity shall ensure that:

(i) there is no dust, odour, gas or vapour from the process which is noxious, dangerous, offensive or objectionable at or beyond the boundary of the property.

Explanation: Rule 3 relates to discharges to air resulting from the use of fumigants.Rule 3 permits the discharge of contaminants to air resulting from fumigation, as long as it is in compliance with the stated conditions.Rule 3 applies regardless of whether fumigation is undertaken on domestic properties, industrial and trade properties, in rural settings or in specialised instances, such as fumigation relating to border control operations.

Discharges which do not comply with the stated condition, are discretionary activities, covered by Rule 23.

Fumigation is also controlled by other regulations such as the Fumigation Regulations 1967.These regulate requirements such as notification and signage in varying ways depending on the fumigant used.

Users should also be aware of the "Draft Code of Practise for Fumigation" by the Pest Control Association of New Zealand, May 1997 (formal code of practice currently under preparation).