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Rule 11 Offal pits and silage

Rule 11 Offal pits and silage

Updated 23 November 2012 11:40am

The discharge of contaminants into or onto land in connection with:

(1) the disposal of offal on production land or at a factory farm;

(2) the storage of silage;

is a Permitted Activity provided

(a) the discharge shall occur no less than 20 m from any surface water body, from any bore used for drinking water supply or from the coastal marine area;

(b) the base of the disposal area shall be no less than 1 m above the highest level of the water table;

(c) there shall be no discharge into surface water other than by way of imperceptible seepage;

(d) the discharge shall contain no hazardous substances;

and the following additional conditions for offal pits:

(e) the pit shall be securely covered and shall contain only plant and animal wastes generated on that property, and excluding plant and animal wastes from industrial or trade premises involved in processing animals and animal products; and

(f) no more than 6 months after the closure of the offal pit, the site shall be rehabilitated to a condition that is compatible with surrounding land uses.

Explanation. Rule 11 applies to discharges from the on-farm disposal of offal and the storage of silage. If an offal pit or silage storage does not comply with any of conditions (a) to (f), the discharge is a discretionary activity in accordance with Rule 2.