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Park news - 2019

Park news - 2019

Updated 12 July 2019 2:42pm

Full closure of lighthouse complex

The lighthouse complex at Baring Head is currently fully closed to the public while work to paint the generator building and the garage is carried out.

Unfortunately, some members of the public have been ignoring the partial closure of the complex and have been endangering themselves by entering the worksite. We want to keep visitors to the park safe and this area has many hazards, including work removing lead based paint.

We apologise for the inconvenience and will keep you updated on when the site access will be open again. 

Deer culling in East Harbour Regional Park Northern Forest

NO HUNTING - Monday 1st July 2019
HUNTING - Tuesday 2nd July 2019

Greater Wellington Regional Council carried out deer culling in East Harbour Regional Park Northern Forest from 14 May to 28 June. Professional hunters only hunted when weather conditions were conducive to hunting. No hunting was undertaken on weekends, public holidays or school holidays.

Professional hunters with knowledge of the area and the skills required to operate in the sensitive environment were employed by GWRC to hunt deer prone areas of the Northern Forest block for wild deer and signs of their presence. 

Members of the public using the area were advised to stay on the main sign-posted walking tracks and to keep dogs on leads. Warning signs erected at all park entrances were used to notify the users of the area.

Culling is necessary to minimise the impact of deer on the ecological values of the forest, which has been identified as an area of high biodiversity value by GWRC’s Biodiversity department. Heavy browsing of favoured plant species by deer can eliminate individual native species from an area resulting in the loss of diversity and functionality of the forest ecosystem. Reducing wild deer numbers will assist GWRC in their efforts towards restoring the native ecosystem functions of the Northern Forest.