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Notified Consent

Notified Consent

Updated 5 July 2018 2:47pm

Karori Wastewater Treatment Plant – Main Outfall Pipeline

This application is notified under section 95(A) of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Greater Wellington Regional Council has received an application for resource consent from:

Wellington City Council

Address for service:
Wellington Water Ltd, PO Box 2199, Wellington 6140. c/- Paul Gardiner

Karori Stream, from the Western Wastewater Treatment Plant to the South Coast in the vicinity of the Karori Stream Mouth.

Summary of Proposal:
The applicant currently holds resource consent to discharge treated wastewater via a pipeline from the Western Wastewater Treatment Plant. The conditions of the resource consent require the construction of a new wastewater pipeline by 2023. The applicant considers that the existing pipeline has a serviceable lifespan which goes beyond 2023 and therefore, does not need replacement in the short term.

This application seeks to cancel the condition on their current resource consent which requires the construction of a replacement wastewater pipeline by December 2023.

The application and can be viewed on this page. Alternatively a hard copy can be viewed at GWRC offices at Shed 39, 2 Fryatt Quay, Pipitea, Wellington.


The submission period closed on Wednesday 21 March 2018. The Greater Wellington Regional Council received three submissions on this application.

A copy of the summary of submissions can be viewed here.

GWRC recommendation to the hearing panel

A GWRC report on the application from WCC to cancel the consent condition was released on 11 April 2017. You can find it here.

The report considers the application against the National and Regional Planning documents and the RMA.

The officer has recommended that the application should be granted, along with suggested changes to the conditions on the consent to ensure the effects on the environment and community can be appropriately managed. The report is a non-binding recommendation by GWRC to the hearing panel. 


On 1 June 2018, the hearings panel granted the consent with conditions. An amended decision and minute from the hearings panel dated 6 June 2018 was released noting errors found in the conditions: WGN060283 Amended Decision of the Hearings Panel - 6 June 2018

The decision was not appealed via the Environment Court.


All documents relating to this application can be found via the links on this page

GWRC has commissioned James Mackechnie from Concrete New Zealand to undertake a peer review of the pipeline condition assessment which formed part of the application for resource consent. We have requested this because the assessments are highly technical in nature, and we need to understand whether the conclusions reached by the applicant on the remaining life of the pipeline are accurate and robust.  


Mr Mackechnie has reviewed the reports submitted with the application and addressed the following: 

·        whether the methods of analysis are adequate and in line with international best practice 

·        whether he agrees with the conclusions and recommendations in the reports 

·        whether the pipeline is serviceable until 2035 

·        whether there are any gaps in the pipeline condition assessment

·        whether the current management and monitoring plan is adequate.