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Join the Metlink City Safari

Join the Metlink City Safari


Registrations are now open for GWRC’s Amazing Race – the Metlink City Safari on Sunday 17 May.

The safari, made up of a six-hour challenge for the serious and a three-hour challenge for the not so serious, is an orienteering event with a big difference – you can use public transport to get you from point to point.

The key to winning is strategy – teams decide which parts of the city are fastest to get to, and which mode of transport to use to get there, enabling them to visit as many checkpoints as possible before time runs out.

Spot-prizes will be awarded at select checkpoints, and participants get the thrill of competition, a great dose of Sunday fun and exercise, and a chance to experience routes and types of transport they may not normally use.

The event is sponsored by GWRC’s transport arm Metlink and its partner agencies – TranzMetro, GO Wellington, Mana Coach Service, Newlands Coach Service, Airport Flyer, Valley Flyer, Wellington Cable Car, and East By West Ferry – which provide free transport to all participants on the big day.

To get on board and have some fun, visit