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Updated 8 March 2019 12:31pm

Wainuiomata and East Harbour Regional Park Hunting Ballots

Hunting ballots are now closed.

Managed Pig Hunting - East Harbour Regional Park

The Greater Wellington Regional Council is giving the public an opportunity to undertake pig hunting in East Harbour Regional Park. Permits will be issued for a five month period each year  - 1 May to 30 September (dates inclusive). There will be no restriction on the number of permits issued.

The hunting will play a part in controlling animals in the park, and also provide an opportunity for the recreational hunting of pigs within a designated hunting area in the Northern Forest Block.

Permits for non-firearm use will be issued on application. Dog registration numbers or micro-chip numbers are required prior to permits being issued (maximum of three dogs).

Enquiries may be made by contacting Karen Broughan on 04 830 4406 or email

Hunting permits

GWRC issues hunting permits for up to six months for deer, goat and pig hunting.  There are two permits issued:

  1. Hunting in Kaitoke Regional Park, the Akatarawa Forest and the Pakuratahi Forest
  2. Hunting in the Hutt Water Collection Area

Both permits are free, and both apply for a six month period. Certain conditions apply in the Hutt Water Collection Area that do not apply in the other parks or forests eg no camping, hence the need for a separate permit.

Please read the conditions on the back of the permit carefully. You must obtain permission from the landowner if you wish to cross private land.

Key points

  • If you use dogs for pig hunting, they must be branded and registered. The breed and registration number of each dog must be recorded on the permit
  • Shooting during the hours of darkness is not permitted
  • Only centre fire rifles of calibre .222 Remington or larger may be used for hunting, or crossbows and bows with a minimum drawing factor of 18kg (40lb). Shotguns, air rifles and rimfire rifles are not permitted.

Please report lost dogs to the Upper Hutt Office as soon as possible.