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How are my rates spent?

How are my rates spent?

Updated 15 January 2013 11:17am

Your rates help to fund such things as public transport

To see a summary of the latest rates information specific to your area, see the Document Library and search keywords "rates news".

Funding public transport

Whether you drive, walk, or take the train or bus, you need a good transport system. We fund bus and train services and we plan the roading network so that it's easier for you to get to places when you want to. Public transport helps reduce congestion on our roads, lowering travel times and pollution and enhancing public safety.

Looking after the environment

The region's natural resources land, water, air, energy sustain our lives. We help people use these resources appropriately so they don't damage the environment and enough is left for our children.

Protecting people from flooding

The region's many rivers mean homes, farmland, jobs, livelihoods and property can be at risk from flooding. We help communities to protect themselves from the effects of flooding.

Conserving the land

The land is under threat from introduced pest animals and plants and destruction of the bush. We work with landowners to reverse this decline and promote land conservation. We also help the rural economy by controlling possums to stop the spread of Bovine Tb.

Providing parks and forests

If you want to escape the city's hustle, you can visit a regional park or forest. We ensure thousands of people every year can enjoy these special places and we look after their environmental and historical features.

Funding the regional stadium

Whether or not you've been to an event at the regional stadium, the region still benefits from the visitors it attracts. Greater Wellington, after agreement with the regional community, funded the stadium to the tune of $25 million. This is in the form of a loan. The interest on the loan is serviced through rates.

Having your say

You can have your say on how you want your region to be when we consult on our long-term council community plan. We also ask you if you like what were planning when we review our annual plan each year and when we consult on specific projects.