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Updated 15 August 2012 8:51am

Professional pest animal control

BioWorks is a stand-alone business unit specialising in the control of animal pests.

BioWorks currently focuses on possums and mustelids that spread bovine Tb. BioWorks was previously Greater Wellington's bovine Tb works unit and has carried out bovine Tb vector control operations in the Wellington region for a number of years.

The BioWorks team has a strong commitment to professionalism, service and results.

BioWorks operates with a core of highly experienced and skilled staff and recruits others on fixed term contract when work demands require. Theunit operates from Greater Wellington's office in Masterton.

BioWorks is able to carry out a wide range of pest control work, so please feel free to contact the unit on 06 378 2484 if you wish to discuss pest control opportunities.