210 Titahi Bay - Porirua - Glenside - Johnsonville - Wellington


210 Titahi Bay - Porirua - Glenside - Johnsonville - Wellington

Proposed medium frequency bus route combining the existing route 210 and 211 services. Bus route is proposed to provide a consistent service linking Titahi Bay, Porirua, Tawa, Glenside and Johnsonville with additional commuter trips to and from Wellington Central. At off peak times and on weekends buses will terminate at Johnsonville with a timed connection to the route 54 for travel to and from Wellington Central.

Detailed draft timetable

Key features of the proposed timetable:

  • Additional am peak trips to city before 8am (from 4 to 6 departures)
  • Additional pm peak trips from city till 6:45pm (from 3 to 7 departures)
  • Off peak services to end at Johnsonville with free timed transfer to 54.

Reasons for bus route change:

The current 211 bus route which operates weekdays from Porirua to Wellington Central via Johnsonville duplicates other bus routes between Johnsonville and Wellington Central resulting in more buses than are required at off-peak times on weekdays between Johnsonville and Wellington. Off peak route 211 buses are therefore proposed to be discontinued and replaced by additional route 210 buses terminating at Johnsonville, with a timed bus connection for onward travel. This will result in one better loaded bus running through to Wellington instead of two separate more lightly loaded buses on what is a long costly section of bus route to provide, improving the potential commercial viability of bus services in the area. The saving in resources enables an expanded peak time bus service to be provided between Wellington, Johnsonville and Porirua.

Other related bus routes:

  • For Glenside see also Churton Park bus route 54.