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2019 Candidate information requests to GWRC

2019 Candidate information requests to GWRC

Updated 19 September 2019 3:58pm

GWRC will publish information requested by candidates in the lead up to the election on 12 October 2019. This enables GWRC’s information to be available to all candidates on an equal basis.

Queries should be referred to

Date of request Information requested Date of response Response
25 July 2019 Do current platform lengths constrict the length of trains on the electrified commuter services? Or would it be possible to expand such services without significant network disruption?
Secondly, would running unpowered rolling-stock behind regular carriages pose an unacceptable load on their acceleration/deceleration?
19 August 2019
14 August 2019 How many drivers were needed before the introduction of the new network? How many are needed now? 21 August 2019
2019-276 #2
21 August 2019 Wallace Street Pipeline Works - Diversion onto Wright Street (November 2019 to mid-2020) 21 August 2019 Wallace St closure
26 August 2019 May I request that copies of the GWRC's contracts with bus service providers, with commercially-sensitive information redacted, of course. 26 August 2019 Bus Contracts
26 August 2019 Is there a timetable of meetings for new councillors after the 12 October? 27 August 2019 Timetable of future meetings
28 August 2019 The other night a number of us attended a crowded public meeting about the HCC application for an extension of their consent regarding the Wainuiomata cleanfill.  A number of issues were raised which relate to GWRC’s responsibility.
Can you please respond to the following questions:
  1. What was in the GWRC submission to the original consent for this activity?  (I think it was around 7 years ago)
  2. Is GWRC aware of the latest application for a consent extension – to be heard by a Hearings Commissioner on November 5?
  3. What submissions have GWRC made to that application?
  4. When last did GWRC monitor the site, and what were the findings of that site visit?
  5. Did you see any large quantities of plastic bottles etc on the site?  (We saw photos of that, at the meeting).  Is this legal?  What is being done about it?
  6. Are you aware that liquid waste (described as “slurry” by HCC) is being spread around the site, and do you know what is the chemical composition of that “slurry”? (The main speaker at the meeting had photographs of a truck spreading liquid on the site)
  7. Is it correct that the definition of the contents of  a “cleanfill” is precisely spelt out and that the presence of  any contaminants puts in question whether the site is a “cleanfill” and has become a “landfill”?
  8. Is it correct that the latest application will cover the expansion of the site into the erosion zone and/or the defined flood plain of the Wainuiomata River?  If it is true, has GWRC objected, because of GW’s responsibilities for flood management?
  9. We were told that a concrete “flood wall” will be built around the river side of the expanded site.  Is that correct, and is what ways has GWRC been involved in the design and certifying of the wall that it will indeed withstand any flood damage (including increased floods predicted  because of climate change)?
  10. Do you have any other information about this activity and these consent applications which would be useful in the current heightened public awareness of the issue?
30 August 2019 Initial response
WGN190237 officers report
Officers Report [677358]
RE Hutt City Council - proposed cleanfill Wainuiomata
FP comments on WGN190237
30 August 2019 Election signage in Tawa 30 August 2019 Response
2 September 2019 Can you please advise me where the hoarding sites are in the Wairarapa or on State Highway 2 Upper Hutt North? 2 September 2019 Hoardings
2 September 2019 Could you please let me know what is the penalty - in monetary terms - to contracted companies (such as NZ Bus/ TranzUrban) for delayed or absent bus services?    
2 September 2019 Could you please let me know how much money has been spent on the Real Time Information (RTI) system so far - from conception till date?
I'd appreciate it if you could please let me know the total amounts paid:
(1) to independent contractors, as well as to consulting organisations for providing services related to the RTI system;
(2) for supply and installation of the RTI display stands at bus stops;
(3) for software licensing, development and maintenance for the RTI system; and
(4) on account of any other head of expenditure related to the RTI system.
29 August 2019 We understand that GWRC have been monitoring the Wainuiomata cleanfill site- HCC is on public record as saying this is the case, and that the site has passed the required tests. Our questions therefore are:
  • Is this the case- and if so, what has GWRC been monitoring, where and when?
  • Is GWRC aware that liquids have been dumped there- and if so, does it meet the requirements under the Proposed Natural Resources Plan?
2 September 2019 Wainuiomata cleanfill site
Discharge air permit [698390]
Discharge to water permit [698401]
4 September 2019 I do have two questions for further information.
Can you check whether the FP team was made aware that material not qualifying for a cleanfill has been dumped, and it seems is still being dumped there.  Does this change in any way their decision that the application for the expansion of the site into the flood zone?
Secondly, I would like more information about this question and answer:
What submissions have GWRC made to that application?
I am quite concerned that breaches of the cleanfill requirements have been observed by GWRC staff.  You say you did not know of the large piles of plastic on the site – which seems to signal further breaches.  I would like to know what have been the more recent dialogues/ conversations between GW and HCC staff concerning the most recent consent application.
9 September 2019 Response
6 September 2019 Double Tracking railway line 6 September 2019 Railway tracks
13 September 2019 I was out at Wainuiomata yesterday.
I took these three photos from the roadside.
Obviously there are some very new earthworks underway.
The green grass-seed spray was newly applied. The diggers were still operating, as you can see.
First: There seems to be quite a lot of timber on top of the top flat area, plus bits of wood sticking out of the newly created slope. The signage, plus the MfE guidelines you have highlighted, clearly state that demolition timber (which this seems to be) is unacceptable.
As you know, the whole current consent process is sitting on consents approved by GWRC on the understanding that this is a cleanfill – and there seems to be growing evidence questioning whether or not it is meeting the cleanfill requirements.
Second: The bund which has been created at the bottom of the slope, and newly sown – what is the purpose of this? Is it to stop run-off? It looks brand-new – does this mean there has been no bund slowing runoff to the river up until now?
Image 1 | Image 2Image 3
18 September 2019 When will Double Decker buses be in service on the Eastbourne route? 19 September 2019 Eastbourne Double Deckers
18 September 2019 Essentially looking at QEP as a case study of managed retreat.
  • What stage is GWRC now at for the public consultation?
  • Why is this happening?
  • How has the community responded?
  • Do we need more councils to take such decisive action?
19 September 2019 QEP Response
19 September 2019

Please provide a copy of the email GWRC sent to the Radio NZ reporter on Tuesday in relation to QEP farming.

19 September 2019 QEP emails
peatland at QEP
waterfall stream north